OurMedia isn’t your run of the mill media agency. We’re
set up to be your media department – a flexible, 
hardworking extension of your business.


The 21st century media landscape is crowded, cluttered and chaotic.

Where others see a confusing kaleidoscope
of media options... we see patterns, insights and strategies.


We work with agencies or direct with clients. Both ways get results thanks to our cutting-edge research and knowledge of the media landscape.

We’re small but not too small. Independent and robust.

Our size helps us to adapt to any situation, with a tight-knit team willing to go the extra mile.


We're down to earth and easy to deal with. Experienced and smart. We work the way you like to work: on time, on budget and on target.

Our senior team can work with you directly from start to finish, providing the expertise you need to reach your potential.

Jocelyn Smit

20 years in media.
Fashion. Food. Cars. Sportswear.

Lara Demopoulos

Full service know-how.
Education. Fashion. Agriculture. Health. Travel. Web.

Christopher Lachine

5 years in media.
International experience. Fashion. Cars. Entertainment. Health.

Tim Liew

Digital extraordinaire.


We've kept it brief, but there's a lot more to the following clients than meets the eye. If you have any specific questions about these profiles, please let us know!

Always Fresh

FMCG that moves super fast in supermarkets. They’re now into Social Media that engages. And sells.


Hosiery and lingerie. Market segmentation required. It took us a bit, but we found their core buyer. Now the campaigns are tight and tuned.

Strathcona Girls' School

We mesh with the creative agency and blend our knowledge to give this great school the edge. Small budgets? No problem. Tight timelines? Easy.


Jumping into hard core retail is fun. We love it. Crunching the numbers. Working out the angles. Executing the strategy. For Bosch, the numbers worked on all levels, from pure response to the dollar value.


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